Tutorial For Photoshop Elements - Making Superb Eyes

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Published: 13th January 2011
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Today we're going to concentrate on editing the eyes. With this Eye Lightening tutorial intended for Adobe Photoshop elements, we will demonstrate the way to Fix Red-eye. I would like you to consider those dreadful pictures where you've been snagged 'red eyed' so to speak, or even the whites of the eyes are not as white-colored or even crystal clear as you would like them to end up being! Imagine as we take you step-by-step through some of the steps, the advantages that Photoshop Elements offers with these situations, and just how simple it really is to correct them.

This particular tutorial for Photoshop Elements will certainly direct you through step by step to convert those horrible Satan eyes straight into glowing white-colored angel eyes, therefore before we start, choose the image you need to focus on.

Click file inside the menu bar of the Adobe Photoshop Elements interface, after which click open to be able to navigate the right path to the image you want to modify.

1. Choose the whites of the eyes.

2. Zoom in on a single eye. Click the symbol within the toolbox that appears just like a magnifier.

3. Inside the toolbox, click on the lasso symbol, and choose the polygonal lasso.

4. While using polygonal lasso, click round the white of the eye, avoiding the iris.

5. Pressing down the shift key take your cursor towards the other part of the iris and perform precisely the same.

6. Keeping down the space bar scroll across to your remaining eye and do exactly the same once more while using shift key technique.

7. Within the options bar click refine edge.

8. Inside the feather slider it is advisable to have your pixels set to 5.

9. Click the realignment layer icon. It is a semi black, half white circle.

10. Choose the hue/saturation from your drop-down menus. The hue/saturation box as well as color palette will appear on the screen.

11. At this point using the lightness slider shift it to the right to embellish the eyes. Look for a natural lighting for your eyes, and about 30 usually will do the trick.

12. If you wish to look at before and after final results, go down to the preview box as well as deselect to see prior results and select to view present results.

13. Lastly click Okay and you'll have created some incredibly crystal clear eyes!

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